"The two days we spent with Jamie I would rate as the best with regard to business that I have ever experienced."

"In addition to the major progress on business matters, the relationships between the partners were strengthened, and we are now highly motivated and confident about the future of our business."

- Dave Lovrich, BDS, North Shore Dental

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The Plus 30 Factor

Mental Toughness and Emotional Resilience is the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges, and to bounce back swiftly from adversities and setbacks. Our coaching and learning & development programmes are all about enabling you to perform at your optimal level in all manner of circumstances and situations.

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On average that means 30% above your current level.

Foresight offers a complete range of personality and attitude assessment tools, learning & development and coaching programmes to help you and your people succeed. Use the links below to find out more about how they work.

Mental Toughness

How to get 30% more out of pretty much anything you put your mind to.I
ncreasing your resilience, also known as mental toughness or grit, is a huge influence on performance, personal effectiveness, and business productivity. The techniques we teach are easy, fun to learn, and last a lifetime.

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Study after study shows how mental toughness is directly connected to:

  • Increased sales from salespeople who are much more effective, and can deal with the first ‘no’ (and the second, and the third …)
  • Reduced staff turnover, due to improved results and much higher self-esteem
  • Improved customer relationships and higher margins
  • More effective leadership/management, and much greater engagement
  • Improved personal relationships, and much more productive working relationships
  • High levels of resilience and superior productivity
  • A positive response to changes in the workplace enabling change initiatives to succeed
  • Robustness when work pressures increase
  • Higher EBIT than your competitors.

Content: This science-based course uses case studies, exercises and discussions to grow your mental toughness and resilience.
During the course you will receive your personal mental toughness assessment report based on the Seligman Attributional Style Questionnaire [SASQ], as used in over 1000 studies worldwide.
You will gain new skills which you can use immediately.

Dates: Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 September 2012

Venue: TBA

Fee: $1995.00 plus GST

To Register:
Register now with Foresight for the next two-day Australian course:
Call Foresight on (61) 0408 412 966 or (64) 9 414 2942
Email: Mental.Toughness@foresightaus.com.au

Profiling & assessment tools

Attitude testing and Personality / Communication style testing to suit your needs.

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Attitude testing — SASQ

The proven foundation of success, the SASQ was developed by the founder of positive psychology Professor Martin Seligman, and has been validated in more than 1000 studies worldwide. Use it to identify which applicants have the emotional resilience needed to succeed, and to identify current employees who need specialised training and coaching to become more resilient. Find out more about attitude testing.

Personality / Communication style testing — DISC

The DISC Profiling tool is based on research showing how people’s needs and motivations are determined by their dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. The DISC report will tell you your applicant’s favoured communication style, what motivates them, the best way to manage them, how they can be expected to manage other people and what changes they are making in their behaviour. Find out more about personality testing.


Whether you require coaching for attitude, optimism or high performance in sports, Forisght are experts in the field and can help you to reach your goals.

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Coaching for attitude

Attitude is everything, in business and sport. When something goes wrong, is it just a set-back you can overcome, or is it a demotivating disaster? When something goes right, is it because you are skilled and professional, or was it just a fluke?

Your answer to these questions shows your attitude — and affects your success in everything from business to sport, personal relationships and hobbies.

But your attitude is not something you are born with — it is something you learned. And if it is holding you back from success, you can learn how to change it.

Contact us to find out how to develop a winning attitude.

Coaching for optimism

Your expectations of success or failure are often self-fulfilling prophecies. Research on positive psychology has shown that if you believe you will succeed you are more likely to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. And it has also shown how to measure optimism and turn pessimistic thinking around.

In coaching you for optimism we will:

  • Identify your self-defeating beliefs (which you may not be aware of) and what triggers them.
  • Evaluate how accurate these beliefs are.
  • Replace these beliefs with more constructive and accurate ones, by teaching you how to tune in to and change your internal dialogue.

This training benefits not just individuals, but also organisations with employees who have the ability and desire to achieve, but not the necessary optimism and emotional resilience. Through coaching for optimism, they can turn their attitudes around, leading to more personal and professional success.

Contact us to find out how to develop optimism.

Coaching for high performance in sports

What do champion New Zealand triathlete Shorty Clark and Olympic multi-gold-medallist Matt Biondi have in common? They both have the optimistic attitude needed to push through failure to become champions.

Although we are keen armchair and recreational sports fans, Foresight cannot make you kick straighter or bowl faster. But we can help you to become more emotionally resilient and optimistic, and therefore more successful.

Find out more about high-performance sporting achievement.

Emotional intelligence

In an age of teamwork and fluid careers, IQ alone doesn’t cut it. Every office has one — the flawed genius who drives the rest of your staff mad. If this leads to lower performance, higher turnover or decreased morale, you have a serious problem.

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Should you:

  • Fire this person?
  • Tolerate their behaviour?
  • Train them in Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

All the research suggests you should train them to improve their EQ.

  • At L’Oreal, sales agents selected for emotional intelligence sold $91,370 more than other salespeople did. They also had 63% less turnover in their first year.
  • In a national insurance company, sales agents who were strong in emotional intelligence sold policies worth twice as much as those sold by other agents.
  • After supervisors in a manufacturing plant received training in emotional intelligence accidents fell by 50%, formal grievances fell by 80% and the plant exceeded its productivity goals.

The Foresight Institute helps you improve your business by providing that EQ training, either one-on-one or in workshops. Emotional intelligence can be learned.

And with EQ Mapping we can help you identify the emotional skills of your top performers, to build a recruitment profile that helps you to identify the right person for the job.

Please contact us for more information about emotional intelligence.

Stress mapping & organisation analysis

How much is stress costing your business?
Isn’t everyone under some form of mental, work, personal or emotional stress? Probably.

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But excessive, unrelenting stress can lead to:

  • Increased sick leave
  • Increased turnover
  • Formal grievances
  • Low morale and productivity

The Foresight Institute’s powerful stress mapping tools can show you how stress is affecting your organisation’s performance and productivity. The StressMap® (from Essi Systems):

  • Measures stress on 21 scales
  • Takes less than one hour
  • Visually maps personal patterns
  • Pinpoints strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Interprets every scale
  • Inspires a pro-active attitude
  • Includes easy-to-use “action planning” worksheets
  • Is used by many of the Fortune 500

StressMap® eliminates the guesswork, giving managers and individuals tangible plans to deal with the negative effects of stress. You can identify what stress-related factors are hurting your organisation and master stress to produce real change in real time.

Foresight offers presentations, workshops,  group training and one-on-one coaching — all tailored to your needs — to bring about change within your organisation.

Contact us to find out how your organisation can benefit from mastering stress with Foresight.

Increasing Employee Effectivness Through Science-Based Learning & Development Workshops

By becoming mentally tough and resilient you and your people are more able to overcome setbacks and achieve success – in all areas of life. This workshop helps you develop untapped potential that is holding you back from success by learning the positive thinking patterns that build your mental toughness, resilience and effectiveness.

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The two-day University of Auckland mental toughness course is available for private individuals and company-sponsored individual enrolment.

The two-day Bright Star course on increasing your resilience is available for private individuals and company-sponsored individual enrolment.
The two-day Australian Institue of Management course on mental toughness for leaders is available for private individuals and company-sponsored individual enrolment. This course is presented in Sydney, and available throughout Australia by arrangement with AIM.

For organisations wanting to improve resilience among a group of individuals Foresight can run a private in-house course on mental toughness and emotional resilience. Email us with mental toughness in the subject line for a course outline and further details.

Emotional intelligence (EQ)

How to be a more effective executive

Emotional intelligence is the stuff of true success. It’s the strength to persevere in adversity, the resilience to perform under pressure, the courage to make decisions, the vision to create the future and the strength to build an exceptional enterprise. And it can be learned. Email us with effective executive in the subject line for a course outline and further details.

Communication styles

Do your colleagues, employees or clients bamboozle you with their seemingly disparate thought patterns? Do some constantly ask questions, others hog the limelight , while others constantly try to smooth over conflict or insist on making their point? All they are doing is exhibiting their preferred communication styles. By learning to identify those styles and reflect them back, you will be more successful in your business relationships. Email us with communication styles in the subject line for a course outline and further details.

Value proposition selling

Especially when times are tough, it is vital for salespeople to understand the emotional triggers that lead to a decision to buy. Understanding those triggers, and learning to influence the emotions and motivations of your customers will build stronger business relationships and build sales success. Email us with value proposition selling in the subject line for a course outline and further details.

Creating emotional engagement

When employees make use of their strengths they naturally become more engaged with their work, are happier and more productive. When their strengths are aligned with organisational values in a high-quality work environment, productivity will grow. Find out more about this University of Auckland short course.

Mastering stress

All work involves stress, but successful individuals and organisations know how to harness that stress and use it productively. Stress Resilience is a learning programme designed by Essi Systems. At its core is the StressMap®, which helps people assess the ways they cope with stress and teaches them new ways to deal effectively with it.

During this two-day programme you and your people will learn how to redefine stress, understand how you react to it and how to change that and take greater control of your life. Email us with mastering stress in the subject line for a course outline and further details.

Develop your business by developing your talent

Some organisations speak of their people as their most valuable asset. Others try to place a value on their “talent” as “intellectual capital” in the company accounts.

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Talent starts with natural ability, but it takes effort to develop that natural ability to its full potential, whether in work, sport, academia or any other aspect of life.

Especially in business, fostering that talent is crucial to give you a competitive edge. Research shows that companies that put effort into developing their people watch their share price rise for two years afterwards.

Because effective talent development programmes can help you to gain and maintain a competitive edge, developing your talent should be a critical part of your business strategy.

Foresight has a specialised range of learning and development tools and programmes that ensure clients can equip their people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to meet business goals and excel.

Email Foresight to find out more about how we can develop your talent.

High-performance sporting achievement

What do the Crusaders, Matt Biondi and Shorty Clark have in common? They are all sporting champions who know that sporting success is as much about attitude as it is about ability.

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Foresight works with the Crusaders and Canterbury Rugby Union to build the optimism and resilience (Mental Toughness) of their players, coaches and managers, enhancing their match-winning attitude.

And through mental toughness coaching from Foresight Shorty Clark grew from a weekend warrior to New Zealand triathlon champion. We can’t claim credit for Olympic champion Matt Biondi, but the story of his success shows the importance of attitude.

A winning attitude

More than 1000 studies worldwide have proven that an athlete’s mental toughness and optimism (or attributional style) affects their results. Mentally tough athletes achieve more because they:

  • are more motivated
  • enjoy better moods and wellbeing
  • are healthier
  • recover faster from injury.
Foresight can help you build your winning attitude by:

Find out how Shorty Clark became a gold-medal-winning triathlete with Foresight’s help, and how Matt Biondi’s mental toughness saw him succeed when others thought he would fail.

And read how exercise physiologist and training consultant Jon Ackland uses Foresight’s services and tools to build champions.

Ask how Foresight can help you develop a winning attitude.

Books for success

Foresight recommends the following books to learn more about mental toughness and emotional resilience and create positive thinking habits that will bring success to you and your people.

If you live in New Zealand or Australia email us with your postal address and full contact details, we will send the book(s) and invoice you. For other countries, visit The Book DepositoryAmazon or a local supplier in your country.

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Martin Seligman
(NZ$49.95 incl GST)

From the author of the International Bestseller Authentic Happiness. In this groundbreaking book, one of the world’s foremost academic psychologists – and founder of the Positive Psychology movement – offers a new theory on what makes people flourish and how to truly get the most out of life. Flourish is a fascinating evolution of Seligman’s thinking, and offers inspiring stories of Positive Psychology in action – innovative schools that add resilience to their curricula; a new theory of success and intelligence; and evidence on how positive physical health can turn medicine on its head. Building on his game-changing work on optimism, motivation and character, Seligman shows us how to flourish and bring well-being into both our personal lives and society as a whole. Wellbeing is a way of thinking that the new coalition government is taking very seriously indeed.

Learned Optimism

Martin Seligman
(NZ$39.95 incl GST)

Pessimists believe that bad events are their fault, will last a long time, and undermine everything – creating a sense of helplessness and even depression. Optimists believe that defeat is a temporary setback or a challenge to overcome. “Pessimism is escapable,” asserts Seligman, by learning a new set of skills that will help you to take charge, resist depression, and make yourself feel better and accomplish more. In Learned Optimism he shows us how to stop automatically assuming guilt, how to stop seeing the direst possible implications in every setback, how to be optimistic.

The Optimistic Child

Martin Seligman
(NZ$39.95 incl GST)

Today’s children are suffering from an epidemic of depression. In The Optimistic Child Seligman and his colleagues offer parents, educators, and all interested in developing positive young people a programme clinically proven to cut that risk in half. Parents can now teach their children the skills that curb depression, boost school performance, and improve physical health. Children will develop the emotional resilience they need to be confident teenagers and adults with healthy self-esteem.

Authentic Happiness

Martin Seligman
(NZ$49.95 incl GST)

In this stimulating and persuasive book Seligman introduces the revolutionary but scientifically grounded idea of positive psychology, which focuses on strengths rather than weaknesses, and asserts that you can cultivate happiness by identifying and using the strengths you already possess. By frequently calling upon your “signature strengths” in all areas of life you will strengthen your ability to handle misfortune and negative emotions, and experience life in a new, more positive, way.

Social Intelligence

Daniel Goleman
(NZ$49.95 incl GST)

Emotional intelligence was an international phenomenon. Now in Social Intelligence Goleman synthesises the latest findings in biology and brain science, showing that we are wired to connect and the surprisingly deep impact of our relationships on every aspect of our lives. He explores the answers to questions such as: Is there a way to raise our children to be happy? What is the basis of a nourishing marriage? How can business leaders inspire the best in those they lead?

Mental Toughness CD

Jamie Ford
(NZ$79.95 incl GST)

In this CD Jamie explains the vital importance and value of the X Factor as the basis for success in any aspect of life.

Free tools

Navigating the pitfalls of business, and life, can be tricky. So Foresight is happy to offer you a few tools to help you through.

Click on the links below to download tools that will help make you and your people happy, productive and wise!

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Personal development tools

Eight Steps to Happiness — Eight simple, but proven, things you can do to increase your happiness

Mastering Rejection — The better you cope with rejection and setbacks, in selling, relationships and life, the less vulnerable to depression and more open to success you will be. Find out how.

Being Happy and Productive — New ideas on managing your moods and emotions.

How You Can Change Your Mind (Attitude) Too — Find out how negative beliefs and ideas are formed and become habits we incorrectly think are fixed. There’s more you can do to change your mind than you might have imagined.

Happiness is contagious — A recent study published by the British Medical Journal shows how much happiness matters.

Happiness is now the subject of a huge amount of world-wide research (4,000 books on the subject published in 2008), and Psychology Today has many helpful pieces on the subject i.e. The pursuit of happiness. Type “happiness” into the search box on the Psychology Today pages and you can access a number of articles on this important topic.

Business development tools

Effective Leadership, The Pirate’s code — Pirates in the 17 th and 18 th centuries established leadership systems superior to those of many modern enterprises. Find out how in this article from the New Yorker.

Employee Turnover Cost Calculator — Find out the true, but hidden, costs of replacing an employee.

Recruitment — Mastering The Cycle of Employment — A guide to all aspects of recruitment.

Discounting Impact Tool  — Thinking of boosting turnover by offering discounts? Don’t even consider it until you read this document, showing how it will affect your the bottom-line, and how much more you will have to sell as a result.